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  1. Hi Jen, man I love Vash. Have you seen the latest movie (granted it’s from a few years ago) but it was an excellent interjection as a part of Trigun.

    Hey, I’m glad to hear you are doing well, and enjoying your new homestead. And your Instragrams (with your one meow) are great to see!

    Listen, a very long time ago, I very innocuously invaded your life. And obviously I’ve never left you alone since. But I’d like to offer something in return, for once. Instead of just being a weirdo on this mighty and spherical earth. I promise that my only request is to get you setup with my PLEX server so you can have access to stream lots of great media and such that I’ve compiled, and I also promise that is the extent to reaching out. Access is mui-easy-o, and I thought it would be nice as I’ve got lots of great stuff for you to watch should you feel the interest. ping me if you want, I’ll send you a simple reply with the login jazz and off you go. No strings attached :)

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